BMW all wheel drive – xDrive and MINI ALL 4 to be showcased at Winter Drive Event

The BMW xDrive and MINI ALL 4 provide their respective brands with the capability of an all wheel drive technology for all seasons. Steady progress in the field of technology has made the BMW xDrive available for 64 models of the brand while the variants of the MINI Countryman boast of the ALL 4 technology.

Power transmission for an all wheel drive was offered by BMW in 1985 in a BMW 3 series model. Since then all wheel drive technology has come a long way in terms of stability and torque distribution systems. An electronic control system is used by BMW cars to maintain superior performance when on the roads.

These systems make it easier for the transmission to adapt as required. Chips ensure that chassis movement, steering and acceleration are monitored at all times making it easy for one to cope with this all wheel drive system. Innovative Dynamic Performance Control makes it easier to control distribution of power between both sets of wheels thereby improving stability and agility during shifts in the acceleration.

The ALL 4 system in the MINI is based on an electromagnetic centre differential which makes it possible to drive on varied terrains and at varied speeds. Innovative technology allows for variable differentiation of drive force between the two axels.

In most conditions the torque is divided in equal amounts to the front and rear axel however, in snowy terrain one can expect a full 100% torque quotient to be concentrated on the rear axel. A DSC unit makes it possible for changes in the transmission to take place within a matter of milliseconds. This helps maintain stability and accentuate safe driving properties for which MINI is well known.