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BMW’s DesignworksUSA designs Siemens Metro for Kuala Lumpur


Malaysia, a promising Newly Industrialized Country (NIC) in Asia has a promising mass transit system that includes Heavy Rail, light rail transit (LRT), monorail and a funicular railway line connecting important cities and Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

BMW Metro Malaysia (1)To strengthen Kuala Lumpur’s appeal, and prepare for urban transit challenges of the future, Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Sdn Bhd is building a new metro service in the metropolis comprising of 58 underground passenger trains. BMW Group DesignworksUSA designs the new Siemens metro trains that will start rolling from 2017.

Metro Inspiro is designed under the name “Guiding Light” to appreciate Kuala Lumpur’s rich heritage. The light concept up front references the capital’s faceted architecture. Interiors bear varying shades of blue and traditional patterns that portray cultural diversity here. LED lighting system saves power and the allure of indirect light below seats fosters a sense of safety and spaciousness, while enabling easy maintenance.

58 driverless trains will frequent every 3.5 minutes during peak hours. Each four-car train will carry 1200 passengers, with 6 specific areas equipped with hand-rails to facilitate easy transit for differently-abled passengers. The train will also alert passengers when the doors are opening and closing by emitting beeping sound and signalling lights.

Designed to be environmentally friendly with energy efficient lighting and air conditioning systems, Metro Inspiro has a 30 year life cycle while being recyclable by about 95%. With such plans in motion, Malaysia is looking to become a developed nation by 2020.


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