Enfields thump across India for BOBMC Day ride

On the first Sunday of May, in the sweltering heat of the summer sun, a peculiar phenomenon occurs every year across Highways all over the country.

The thump of innumerable Royal Enfield motorcycles, graces the roads. These bikes ridden by men and women from the motorcycling community “BOBMC” or “Brotherhood Of Bulleteers Motorcycling Consortium”. Bobmc is a community that spans across the length and breadth of the country.

The Riders, are members of Various clubs that ride under the umbrella of the larger BOBMC community. Pan India about 5000 bikers came together to meet like minded brethren and celebrate the spirit of motorcycling. The various Chapters of BOBMC have their own meets and rides in their own states, cities, Dhabas that are equidistant to everyone.

BOBMC DAY Mumbai – Mumbai’s very own Inddiethumpers Bullet Club unveiling The Logo of MahaRM Rider Mania to be hosted by them in 2018.

The Mumbai chapter of BOBMC day happened at a resort in Naigaon. Close to 400 Riders participated in the short ride to the venue and had breakfast and interacted with each other. The atmosphere was nothing short of a mega motorcycle festival. The diverse club colours and customized motorcycles turn this event into a colourful treat to the eyes of everyone at the gathering.

The BOBMC day celebration is a platform to for motorcyclist to come together, make ride plans and of course decide on routes to take to “Rider Mania” often referred to in the community as “RM”, BOBMC’s flagship event. It’s an annual Biker festival that happens in January of every year. The location changes every year depending of the host club. Rider Mania 2018, is being hosted by the Inddiethumpers, one of the largest and oldest “Bullet clubs” in the country. They’re calling it the

BOBMC Kolkata

“MahaRM”. “We’re hoping to give the bikers, a grand taste of Maharashtra, it’s food it’s culture, it’s colours. We want to create an experience that they will make them ride back home with a wide grin.” Says Vaibhav Dubey, a software engineer, who is a rider with the club.