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Porsche Office Chair is 911’s driver seat for your office

Porsche Office Chair

For those who would love to sit in the lap of a Porshe 24×7.

Priced at $6,570 (INR 4,38,284) the new Porsche Office Chair comes right out of the current 911 Carrera GTS and GT3 models. The chair is ergonomically built to offer the same body hugging features as are evident in the sports car, thus giving users the feel that they have never left their vehicle.

Simple in design but abounding in features, the new Porsche Office Chair receives premium black leather upholstery with features that include seat height adjustment, electrical backrest adjuster, and adjustable armrests. The chair comes embossed with a Porsche Crest on the headrest.

The Porsche Office Chair is made partially of leather while the mid-section is made of Porsche Alcantara material thus offering an elevated level of comfort in the office as one would experience in the Porsche 911.

Built to the same specifications as the sports seats seen in the 911 Carrera GTS or GT3 models, the Porsche Office Chair comes in with rechargeable batteries and also has a jacket hook at the rear. Though the chair is built with lightweight material, it weighs at 35 kgs.

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It receives 5 castors for better traction in the office. And no, these castors are not connected to an electric motor, if any of you was hoping for a drive around the office in this chair.


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