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Bodyguard crashes Pagani Zonda worth Rs 10 crores, after accidentally pressing accelerator (Video)

Pagani Zonda Crash

Andy Danso, 43, driving Jen-Te Chen’s supercar back from its MOT (Ministry of Transport Test) crashed into a fence in Wembley, London leaving the £1m Pagani Zonda extensively damaged.

Jen-Te Chen’s bodyguard, Andy Danso, lost control of the rare Pagani Zonda, ploughing it into a fence and causing damage that could be worth thousands of pounds.

While Denso initially stated that he was trying to avoid a silver car, the CCTV footage fails to detect any such vehicle in the vicinity. Denso then stated that he was trying to alter his seat position which caused the accident.The driver has been charged with careless driving, driving without proper insurance and using forged insurance details.

The Pagani Zonda in question, has a top speed of 214 mph. Just a slight more pressure on the accelerator pedal while Danso was trying to adjust the seat, resulted in the crash of the rare car, which is also regarded as one of the most desirable cars in the world.


In his defence to cashing this prized possession of his boss Jen-Te Chen, Danso explained how he lifted the lever up to push the seat back. Finding it rather stiff, he applied more pressure causing his foot to slip forward and hit the side of the accelerator due to which the car sped forward.

The CCTV footage shows the car careening off the road, going head first into a fence. Danso has been handed nine points on his license and fined £1,000 and also ordered to pay £400 costs. Danso, however continues to work for his boss who is a wealthy Chinese businessman and for whom he has worked for 4 years.

The crash, which occurred in February this year, has come to light recently as the images and video were shared online. This is the second such Pagani Zonda supercar crash that has been reported. The earlier crash was in 2009, a Zonda belonging to Scottish oil tycoon Gareth Jones. Following the crash, the sportscar was sent back to the Pagani headquarters in Italy for a complete makeover for which billing stood at £261,000 (Rs 2.7 crores).

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