Land Rover Freelander from Born Free to save India’s tigers

The ambassador for conservation work in the Satpuda Landscape Tiger Programme area is key to helping tigers in India where they have come an endangered species with increased poaching and loss of natural habitat. Globally, tigers need a fighting chance as the grand cats are now limited to only 3,500 in number. Dedicated teams at Satpuda are working to give tigers a fighting chance to survive and the Land Rover Freelander will contribute appropriately.

Brand Experience Director at Jaguar Land Rover, Mark Cameron feels this contribution to Satpuda Landscape Tiger Programme will be essential in conservation of endangered tigers in India. Land Rover’s all terrain Freelander makes it possible to Satpuda’s conservation workers reach out to inaccessible areas to save tigers better. Born Free Foundation’s Head of Conservation, Professor Claudio Sillero leads the Satpuda Landscape Tiger Programme.

Will Travers OBE, President of the Born Free Foundation fondly reiterates the beginning of the beautiful journey between Land Rover and Born Free. It’s true, no one will forget George and Joy Adamson’s commitment to help return Elsa the lioness to freedom. Yes, they used a Land Rover. Land Rover’s partnership with Born Free Foundation has contributed to ongoing work in UK, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and Sri Lanka with vehicles deployed in wildlife hotspots in these regions.

He said, “Now India will benefit from this strategic alliance and I am delighted that a brand new Freelander will be assisting in our efforts to protect wild tigers as part of our Satpuda Tiger Landscape Project, as well as help prevent their continued devastation at the hand of poachers.As ever, tigers and other threatened species can count on Born Free and we, in turn, can count on Land Rover!”