Bosch develops new EFI system that can be fitted on any motorbike

Bosch-develops-EFI-system-that-can-be-fitted-on-any-motorbikeThis new fuel injection system being developed by Bosch comes in with the latest in technology similar to that seen on port fuel injection system used on cars. With the carburettor system soon becoming a thing of the past, the new fuel injection will be suitable for any vehicle and will also cost the same as a standard carburettor. This affordable pricing is due to the incorporation of compact engine control unit and injection valve with additional features. While developing this new fuel injection system, Bosch is also in the process of developing functions and software to make use of sensors redundant.

The new fuel injection system enhances connectivity functions on-board two wheelers allowing riders to get all necessary information with regards to fuel consumption on their smartphones. Apart from this, these smartphones will also be instrumental in activation of immobilizers by sending signals to cut fuel supply.

bosche-affordable-efiBosch has optimistic plans where the two wheeler markets in India and South East Asia are concerned. Expecting to see double digit growth over the next few years, the company is also focusing on zero emission mobility with a range of electric scooters. The company’s products also include ABS units and motorcycle stability control systems.

“Bosch is known for the quality and efficiency of its automotive powertrain technology, and now we want to bring that same success to the two-wheeler. No new car has a carburetor anymore – and soon that will be true of the two-wheeler as well,” says says Dr. Rolf Bulander, Board Member.