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Bosch is testing new eClutch automatic, alternative to AMT, in Honda Brio

Some enthusiasts may dislike AMT. Even though they would be happy not to sew with their foot in the middle of traffic, they would be missing the H-gearshift. Only way they wouldn’t feel the loss of H-shift is if they get a pair of paddles behind the steering wheel. To top it all, None of AMT variants in India come equipped with Airbags and only one of the cars feature ABS. For cars that demand lakhs, there are many who would want to shell out a bit more for safety features but AMT variants are limited and do not have a spread of options. Well this has only been the beginning of a new era. A new chapter of driving assist. And in that era, emerges another player, a banner that is well-versed in the field of automating stuff.

Bosch eClutch would be introduced in India in 2016, possibly in Honda Brio.Bosh is testing its new Electronic Clutch System or eClutch, which incorporates a cable-free electronic clutch pedal into the footwell which sends signal to an actuator that will use its foot to depress the clutch instead of yours. Further, it has a mind of its own to allow gear shifting without the need for driver to operate a clutch, and it enables use of first gear in congested traffic conditions without having to worry about clutching.

Bosch is testing the eClutch in a Honda Brio which normally comes with a conventional automatic transmission that costs much more than manual variant and enjoys drinking more fuel. According to Bosch, eClutch is significantly more affordable than an automatic gearbox and it seems it will be cheaper than Automated Manual Transmission as well given that AMT automates both clutch and gear shift. eClutch would retain the H-shift pattern for manual shifting but will there be a totally automatic mode? No. So this is for people who want the fun of shifting, total control over the vehicle, but think of clutching as a burden.

A sensor is used to detect start of gear shift by driver, which instructs the system to adjust engine speed to facilitate gear change and pull the clutch if necessary.Bosch eClutch could add a new kind of variant in the model range, that will battle against torque convertor, CVT (Continuously Varying Transmission) and even AMT. It is possible that cars equipping eClutch may not have any other automatic in variant list.

Honda Brio eClutch Photo Credit – Autocar Professional

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