Save fuel with new Bosch eClutch

This electronically operated clutch for manual cars can be automatically controlled resulting in a multitude of benefits to both driver and car. Primarily, eClutch being highly cost effective, saves on fuel which makes it an instant must have. There is also no unnecessary stress on driver in the event of traffic jams. eClutch system controls clutch in heavy stop and go traffic permitting driver to travel on smoothly without any stalling or jerking. eClutch also allows a manual car to become automatic in a jiffy while also permitting automatic coasting on highways when throttle is closed so drivers do not need to press on clutch pedal or shift to neutral manually.

bosch eclutcheClutch from Bosch detects driver functions and assists in easing pressure on gas pedal in start/stop coasting function. The system instantly decouples the engine from transmission resulting in fuel efficiency while drivers can also manually stimulate this effect by disengaging the clutch on a downhill stretch.

Pricing of eClutch is a lot more economical than a conventional automatic transmission which makes this Bosch product more attractive to buyers. However, despite all the hype around this new electronically controlled clutch, the company has not yet made any announcements of production or any alliances with any automakers. For more information, scroll through the press release below.


Electronic clutch made by Bosch eClutch saves fuel and makes driving easier Cost-efficient system closes the gap between manual and automatic transmission

Reduces real consumption in start-stop coasting by 10 percent
Stop-and-go driving in first gear without engaging the clutch
eClutch now makes hybridization possible in vehicles with manual transmission

Traffic congestion is bad enough at the best of times, but doubly irksome without automatic transmission. The reason is the constant switching between clutch, gas pedal, and brake. In stop-and-go traffic, the Bosch eClutch allows drivers using manual transmission to use first gear without using the clutch. They can simply use the brake and gas pedal, just like in an automatic transmission, without accidentally stalling the engine. This electronically controlled clutch closes the gap between automatic and manual transmission. In addition, the eClutch makes the coasting function possible, which saves fuel. Independently of the driver, the clutch decouples the engine from the transmission if the driver is no longer accelerating. The engine then stops. The result is a real fuel saving of 10 percent on average.

In terms of price, the eClutch costs significantly less than a conventional automatic transmission, and is thus an attractive alternative in the compact car segment, where price competition is tough. Unlike a full-blown automatic transmission, the e-Clutch automates the clutch only, not the transmission. The clutch pedal transmits an electric signal to an actuator, which decouples the clutch.

The principle behind the start-stop coasting function is simple. The Bosch system detects the driver’s easing of pressure on the gas pedal, decouples the engine from the transmission, and thus prevents the engine from consuming fuel. Drivers can already manually simulate this effect by disengaging the clutch on a downhill stretch. In the future, the system will automatically assume this function, while stopping the engine at the same time. This is technically sophisticated, but worthwhile, leading to a 10 percent reduction in fuel consumption.

Helping prevent jerky gear shifts
As well as the stop-and-go function and the possibility of saving fuel, the eClutch offers a number of other functions. For example, it can be used to support gear shifts, making them smoother. A special sensor detects the start of a gear shift and adjusts engine speed. The result is a smooth, easy gear change.

And if the powertrain is electrified, the electronically controlled clutch means that a combination of hybrid powertrain and manual transmission is now possible. Depending on the configuration, the system can enable coasting and recuperation. In this respect, the eClutch offers two advantages: manual transmission is still possible in hybrid vehicles, and the price of entry-level hybrids can be reduced, since a fully automatic transmission is no longer necessary.

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