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Bosch digitized shop floor to bring change in manufacturing operations

Set to transform India into a global manufacturing hub, Bosch India has introduced class leading Industry 4.0 solutions. Bosch India, a leading user and supplier of Industry 4.0 solutions for a digitized shop floor will have the advantages of higher productivity with digitally supported continuous processes along with integrated fault management and better use of resources.

It will also benefit the company where fast and efficient decision-making processes are concerned while added transparency in production along with real-time access to necessary data will be provided. Industry 4.0 solutions are time saving as it eliminates the process of manual data collection and analysis while it includes scalable end devices from mobiles to large touch screen displays.

With introduction of Industry 4.0 solutions, introduced by Bosch across all its 15 manufacturing facilities, the company is able to offer better quality standards. The company also seeks added growth through these connected solutions not only where its products are concerned but also for enhanced business and productions processes.

Industry 4.0 solutions is a part of the ‘Make in India’ initiative. The technology has allowed the company to augment processes, reach in real time and offer quicker and better response to customer’s demands. Bosch India is pooling in company resources that include Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions and Bosch Rexroth India Pvt. Ltd to ensure that this new approach is a success. Introduced at the company’s Chakan plant, which is a member of International Production Network for ABS and ESP has allowed the company to achieve quality level close to zero defects along with increased productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

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