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Bosch India to hire 3,200 in automotive and electronic segment

Bosch India will be adding 3,200 new associates to existing 15,000 employees at their offices in Bangalore and Coimbatore. Special emphasis will be paid to fresh graduates while the company is also keen to extend percentage of women employees in the company from 30 percent taken on last year.

Bosch India will be conducting campus interviews at PSG College of Technology, RV College of Engineering, BMS College of Engineering, PES Institute of Technology, MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, besides other colleges across the country, as they will be seeking persons just at the brink of their professional careers and opening up positions to associates with zero work experience.

With dynamics in road safety and fuel efficiency set for a change in India, Bosch is currently working on many new projects simultaneously. One is the test of their new eClutch (electronic) system. This new system is currently being tested on the Honda Brio. Bosch claims that this new system will be cheaper than an AMT system, as it will only regulate the clutch, whereas the AMT regulates both clutch and gearshift. So basically, you will have the same H shift of a manual transmission, but will not have a clutch pedal.

Bosch eClutch would be introduced in India in 2016, possibly in Honda Brio.

Apart from this, Bosch is also working on a new AB12 platform with two variants, Base and Plus. In the ‘Base’ variant high g sensors and optional rollover sensors are integrated into the control unit that operates airbags while in ‘Plus’ variant a concept integrates the airbag control and ESP inertial sensors into one compact airbag control unit this seeing reduction is cost factor and space utilized. Bosch is customizing these designs as per that demanded by OEMs.

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