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Bosch Help Connect SOS system for bikers – Explained on video

Bosch Help Connect

Called Bosch Help Connect, this new SOS system will help paramedics reach the injured biker faster

Bosch has introduced an emergency call system for motorcycles which is claimed to cut down the response time of paramedics by as much as half. Like the systems available in many modern passenger cars, the Bosch Help Connect system can detect a crash and send out SOS call to emergency services.

The Help Connect system makes use of a motorcycle’s inertial measurement unit (IMU) and an ‘intelligent crash algorithm’ to sense accidents by measuring acceleration and angular velocity at a frequency of 100 times per second. If the system senses abrupt change in the acceleration and angular velocity, it sends out an SOS call via Bosch’s Vivastar smartphone app.

The SOS call which includes the exact GPS location data of the motorcycle will be sent to Bosch Service Center which will then pass on the information to emergency services instantly. The Vivastar app allows the riders to update their medical history, emergency contact number, etc., so that the paramedics can execute a well-informed intervention.

The automotive technology firm says that its crash algorithm is robust enough to differentiate between a severe crash and an accidental fall of the motorcycle when it is parked. The Help Connect system interacts with the rider’s smartphone via Bluetooth.

The Inertial Measurement Unit is steadily becoming more and more important for motorcycle safety. The system is crucial for advanced electronic systems like cornering ABS, ESP, TC etc. The emergency call system is one of the many new IMU-based functions that could be implemented on a modern motorcycle.

As of now, the Bosch Help Connect System is available only in Germany but it is capable of contacting the Bosch Service Center in case the rider meets with an accident in other European countries like Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, France, Belgium, Ireland and the UK. The service center will then get in touch with the local emergency services.

Needless to say, only motorcycles which are already equipped with the required hardware are compatible with the Help Connect system. We expect the company to gradually make this feature available across the globe.

Bosch, in association with several technical universities, OEMs and vendors, has been working on advanced rider assistance systems and vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems to enhance safety and reduce serious accidents. A host of these new technologies will have IMU as a vital component. It’s only a matter of time before the modern premium motorcycles become just as intelligent as the modern cars.

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