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India’s bottom 5 car makers FY 2013/14: Nissan, VW, Fiat, Skoda, HM-Mitsubishi

india's bottom 5 car manufacturers - skoda, volkswagen, nissan, hm mitsubishi, fiat

After giving a report on India’s top 5 car manufacturers last week, we now present India’s bottom 5 car manufacturers. This list includes Nissan, Volkswagen, Fiat, Skoda and Hindustan Motors – Mitsubishi. Datsun too features in this list, but as it was just launched, we will not include Datsun in this list. The bottom 5 car makers in India have combined market share of less than 5 percent.

india's bottom 5 car manufacturers - skoda, volkswagen, nissan, hm mitsubishi, fiatNissan, as mentioned in an earlier report, saw unpredictable sales numbers over subsequent months of last year. With market share of about 2.16 percent, stands better than other four brands. Volkswagen, with share of about 1.61 percent, has been steadily declining since March 2013, sold about about 42 percent less number of cars last month.

Skoda sold about 20 percent less cars compared to March last year, stands just above the last. Fate of Skoda is unclear for this year as it has no blockbuster cars lined up for India. Skoda’s products are being outsold by Volkswagen with only Superb facelift being the newer and better in its competing segment.

Fiat sold just about 462 cars in March ’13, improved somewhat steadily to sell about 1500 cars last month. Its new Linea and upcoming launch of hatchback, SUV and premium car is expected to move Fiat up the ladder in all segments this year. If all works out as planned, Fiat might trump Skoda this year.

Hindustan Motors – Mitsubishi is the worst performer of last year with sales numbers of about 725 cars in March 2013 and ended at literally drop-dead figure of zero cars last month.

Datsun with 0.89 percent share will not be included in this list as it has just landed in India and it’s Go is doing very well so far. Nissan, Volkswagen, Fiat, Skoda and of course Hindustan Motors – Mitsubishi are classified as top 5 poor performers of fiscal 2013-14. Although Toyota lost about 57 percent of its market share, it stands way above the aforementioned companies.

car sales of auto makers in india fy 2014


Data via Team-BHP


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