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Girlfriend taunts Boyfriend for not having a Bike in Delhi – He steals 8

In a bizarre case that has taken Delhi police by surprise, a bike thief has reportedly blamed his girlfriend for his crimes

Usually, bike thefts are the handiwork of organized gangs, whose primary motivation is money. But in this case, the accused has confessed that it was the never-ending tirade of his girlfriend that prompted him to steal bikes.

Named Lalit, the accused told the cops that his girlfriend would often tease him for not owning a bike. Lalit did not like it at all, but somehow he chose to ignore it for quite some time. However, the situation reached its tipping point when Lalit’s girlfriend reminded him again about not having a bike on Valentine’s Day. Fed up with his girlfriend’s constant rant, Lalit decided to do something that will shut up his girlfriend forever.

It is likely that Lalit must have brainstormed various ideas that would allow him to please his girlfriend. The right approach would have been to simply buy a bike and surprise his girlfriend. If funds were not available, Lalit could have requested family or friends to lend him some money. He could also have bought a bike on EMIs. But somehow Lalit did not choose any of these options. Instead, he made a more radical plan, that of stealing bikes.

Lalit approached his friend Saheed and together the duo put their plan to action. After stealing their first bike, they continued with the crime and stole more bikes and scooters. While Lalit’s girlfriend would probably have been happy with just one bike, Lalit thought about the more the merrier concept. The plan was to collect the stolen bikes and present them all to his girlfriend. However, Lalit’s ambitious plans to delight his girlfriend failed miserably, as the police caught him red handed.

The bike thefts had continued uninterrupted for around three weeks, but Lalit’s luck ran out on March 6. Cops were informed that some people were moving around in a suspicious manner in Dwarka area and were probably trying to steal a motorcycle. The cops laid a trap and arrested the duo who was riding a premium motorcycle without a number plate. After investigations, it was revealed that the bike was stolen on February 21.

After being grilled by the cops, Lalit confessed to his crimes and even revealed the location of other stolen two-wheelers. A total of four bikes and five scooters were recovered by the cops. Now instead of spending quality time with his girlfriend, Lalit will probably be cooling his heels in the prison for quite some time.


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