Bride rides Royal Enfield Bullet into marriage hall in Ahmedabad

No coy entrance, doli or traditional bridal entrance for 26 year old computer science professor, Ms Ayesha Upadhayay as she entered her wedding venue on a Bullet.

Ayesha’s love for riding motorcycles, especially Royal Enfield Bullet has grown ever since she was 13 years of age. She is also a part of a bikers group and takes her love for biking as seriously as she takes her computer science activities. Keen to take this love for biking to her wedding venue, Ayesha rode into her wedding venue in all her wedding attire on a Bullet.

Ayesha, hailing from Ahmedabad, requested her parents that she wanted to break tradition and enter the stage on a bike. The grand entry of a bride, dressed in wedding finery arriving on a bike sent shock waves among the guests gathered at the venue of the wedding.

While Ayesha is a diehard biking aficionado, her husband Lokik, a businessman by profession does not even know how to ride a bike. Ayesha stated that she will be taking him for a ride after marriage.


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