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British Airways plane catches fire as engine fails at take-off

In what is a narrow escape, a British Airways Boeing 777-200 (flight 2276) aborted its take off from Las Vegas airport at the last moment as its port side (left) engine caught fire. The jet liner was bound to London’s Gatwick airport.

Reports say that the passengers noticed smoke emanating from the engine in question as the plane initiated its take off procedure. The smoke was quickly followed by a bitter smell like burning rubber.

The pilots acted quickly to abort the take off and applied the brakes (reportedly at 89 mph). Even as the captain contacted the airport’s emergency response team, the crew began evacuation process through the emergency slides.

Panic ensued as some passengers reportedly reached for their luggage (sigh) instead of ditching the aircraft. Nevertheless, all 159 passengers and 13 crew of the BA flight 2276 were evacuated on to the runway in just about 5 mins from the captain’s first distress call. At least 13 passengers are said to have been taken to hospital either due to injuries sustained during evacuation or because of smoke inhalation.

Fortunately, the pilots and the crew adhered to the emergency procedures and did a great job of saving the passengers. The fire too was quickly doused before it engulfed the entire aircraft. Had the engine failure which caused the fire occurred a minute later, the plane would’ve been already airborne or would’ve been running too fast to be stopped before the end of the runway. We are glad that the catastrophic incident didn’t result in fatalities.


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