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Buckle up your child, Child Restraint System coming to India

Child Restraint System coming to India (1)

From 1st October 2014 all passenger vehicles sold in India will have to be fitted with Child Restraint System (CRS). Whether the car is manufactured in India or imported into the country, the vehicle must possess CRS and detailed guidelines must be provided by the manufacturer on how their customers can use the same for the safety of their child while traveling.

CRS fits around shoulders and lap of the child to offer added support in the event of a crash or collision. It is usually a 5 point harness that comes with a child seat and is attached to the car seat using ISOFIX mounting points. India will make it mandatory for all auto manufacturers to provide at least 1 ISOFIX mounting point or seat harness attachment latch in the car.

Child Restraint System coming to India (1)This is a standard feature in passenger vehicles in developed countries ensuring safety of young children and now becomes mandatory in India as well. It has been noted that kids are more prone to risk of hurt or injury in the event of an accident especially when they are made to sit on the front seat, most of the time in the lap of an adult. Airbags have proved to be too dangerous especially when they inflate as they have been designed to protect adults.

Seat belts have also proved to be inadequate in protecting children due to their smaller size. Hence children in the rear seat, securely strapped in a CRS will make travelling with smaller children with varying weight options between 10 and 36 kgs, more safe as the belts and buckles will secure them safely to their seats in the event of any mishap, reveals Economic Times.

Child Restraint System coming to India (2)


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