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Delhi bound flight hits buffalo which strayed on airport runway

SpiceJet flight SG622, was all set to take off from Surat airport at its scheduled time of 6:05 PM yesterday. Bound for Delhi, the pilot of the air-plane was given all clear for take-off. While the plane was in motion on the runway, and about to take-off, the pilot spotted a buffalo on the runway.

Damage on the SpiceJet Flight SG 622 which hit a stray buffalo on runway in Surat, just before take-off. Photos – Tarun Shukla / Twitter @shukla_tarun

Now what. Stray animals on roads are dangerous enough, imagine what happens when they stray on the runway? There was nothing much the pilot could have done to avoid an impact, apart from applying full brakes. The plane halted before the runway ended. But not before the plane made an impact with the buffalo.

As you can see in the images, the impact damaged the plane’s (Boeing 737-800) engine body badly. Luckily, none of the passengers or crew were injured, but the buffalo died on impact (update).

For all 140 passengers and 6 crew members of the plane, this was not less than a nightmare. They were angry with the airport authorities in Surat. How can they let a buffalo stray onto the runway?, said one angry passenger.

Later, after about two hours delay, the passengers were boarded on a different aircraft. The authorities of Surat airport, are looking into this episode. For now, SpiceJet have announced that all their flights out of Surat have been suspended.

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