Bugatti Chiron (Veyron successor) teased for the first time: Video

Bugatti Chiron (speculative name) which is set to succeed the legendary Veyron has been teased by the French hypercar maker for the first time. The video offers no glimpse of the car but makes it sufficiently clear that the new hypercar will be faster than its predecessor whose production run ended few months ago.

The video teaser carries the hashtag “ImaginEBugatti”. Here, E could either denote Ettore Bugatti, founder of the iconic marque, or a hybrid powertrain, or both. Don’t miss the scintillating exhaust sound at the end! The design of the car is expected to be an evolution of Veyron, incorporating aerodynamic elements all over.

Chiron will undoubtedly push the boundaries of automotive engineering even further than its immensely powerful ancestor. Details are sketchy as of now but expect the existing 8.0-litre W16 petrol engine to be aided by a hybrid system to have a combined power output in the vicinity of 1,500 PS! A top speed would be in the excess of 430.9 kmph (267.7 mph) recorded by Veyron Super Sport. This is make Chiron the world’s fastest street-legal car!

Bugatti Chiron – Teaser Video

Like Bugatti’s previous creation, expect Chiron to spawn a Grand Sport Vitesse open top variant as well in the future. VW’s engineers will use highly advanced materials throughout the car to handle the colossal output. Specially developed wheels and tyres go without saying.

Bugatti is reported to conduct a private preview of Chiron hypercar for its select customers in the near future. Timing of the teaser video makes us wonder if  the mean machine will break cover at Frankfurt Motor Show next month.