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Bullet trains for India with Indo-China Strategic Economic Dialogue initiative

China-Railway-High-speed-trainThe Indo Chinese alliance in the offing could introduce high speed bullet trains in the Indian railway network drastically reduce travelling time. China is well versed with the concept of bullet trains which were introduced way back in 2007. The country now possess the most advanced and largest rail networks for bullet trains across the globe and is assisting India to go the same way which will be introduced across certain routes in the country.

The venture will be a part of India China Strategic Economic Dialogue wherein a trade target of US$70 million will be invested by end of 2012 following US$100 million by 2015. India will be purchasing bullet trains from China at a very economical rate as compared to those sold by Japanese bullet train manufacturers.

The new agreement is signed and sealed and the Indian Railways have already allocated seven routes along which bullet trains from China will be introduced. The distance from Delhi to Chandigarh has been considered for introduction of a bullet train which will run at a speed of 300 kmph or above while the route from Ahmedabad to Mumbai is also cleared for introduction of bullet train.


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