Bultaco returns to motorcycle production with Rapitan

Bultaco RapitanBultaco motorcycles will run on its own disruptive technology and future developments will include electrical and hybrid traction and ultra-light materials. They will have total control over the value chain, which includes research and development, operations, finances, marketing and sales. A professional team comprising of professionals, executives and engineers will build on Bultaco’s strong perceived image in the market.

The company’s bikes will be built with its own in-house electrical propulsion system at the new factory in Barcelona. Prototypes shown will direct development of bikes, the first of which will be seen in 2015.

Bultaco Rapitan side“What began as a thesis project has become a company with the size and solidity needed to create a new generation of Bultaco motorcycles,” said Juan Manuel Vinós, CEO and cofounder.

Bultaco Rapitan Sport frontIn that next stage, this original project became Bultaco. “We were not looking for a prestigious name for a promising project; it was something different. Bultaco’s hallmarks from the start, namely its spirit of constant striving, its technological innovation and its passion for motorcycles, are the same hallmarks we have today. They are timeless values,” adds Juan Manuel Vinós.