Busworld 2013: Setra ComfortClass 500 is named “Coach of the Year 2014”

Busworld 2013 Setra ComfortClass 500 is named Coach of the Year 2014 (2)Apart from this, Daimler has also revealed the new The Setra TopClass 500. A touring coach which transforms a regular journey across Europe into an out of this world experience. The coach is designed for maximum comfort, offers outstanding efficiency and an elevated level of safety features. Seating is completely relaxed while internal noise levels are kept to the bare minimum while an innovative internal heating and cooling system is being offered which can be adjusted according to the order of the day. Setra TopClass 500 comes with a panoramic glass roof, spacious galleys and ambient lighting.

With all the onboard comforts for passengers, driver and operator, Daimler’s Setra TopClass 500 is fitted with BlueEfficiency power engines with BlueTec 6 exhaust systems complying with Euro V1 norms. While configuration may be high, fuel consumption is low due to its advanced common rail technology.

Besides passenger comforts, the cockpit is also ergonomically designed for optimum driving comforts. All operation and display functions are available on a single display and include a new Multi Function key, heating and air conditioning and a complete user interface with efficient color display. Safety features abound on board the Setra TopClass 500 thus making it a segment leader in protection and safety of both passengers and driver.