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Would you buy a bike insurance or Kauuve Ka Maltyag to protect your bike?

Mr. Joshi, who was in the process of purchasing a new motorcycle. He did everything in his power to ensure that his new bike did not come in with the No.13 on its number plate. He took possession of the vehicle and immediately performed the mandatory puja, placed flowers on the bike’s headlight and hung the regular lemon and chillies at the front of the bike. This was all done to save his new motorcycle from evil eye of his envious neighbours and protect him while riding, before taking it out for its first ride. However, providence had other plans. No sooner did Mr. Joshi emerge from the showroom, that he met with an accident on road, leaving him and Mrs. Joshi with a dislocated shoulder which needed immediate medical assistance.

A horseshoe nailed on the door will not guarantee safety to the house from theft and avoiding walking under a ladder does not completely ensure ones safety on the road. Rabbit’s foot, four leaved clovers and crossed fingers also do not promise safety to life and limb and wearing good luck charms does not ensure perfect health of the wearer.

In much the same way, a bike without the number 13 does not guarantee that your bike is safe from accidents and applying black marks of protection will do nothing to save the bike from theft. The entire safety of the bike and its rider rests with a good company which will take care of theft, loss, accident, injury and even, in the most unfortunate of circumstances, death.

Bharti-AXA, a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and AXA Business Group that operates in India, offers a host of vehicle/life/accident/property insurance policies to suit each need and every pocket. In order to spread the awareness regarding the importance of bike insurance, they have launched a new video titled – “Superstitions don’t really work! –
In this video, they are showing how easily consumers are fooled into believing fake ads, without any scientific backing and superstitions. When the right answer to the issue is getting an insurance. To spread the awareness, their hashtags, #KauuveKaMaltyag and #SuperstitionKaPollKhol are also trending online.

A wise choice between the various types of insurance cover for vehicles needs to be taken into account. Sound vehicle insurance protects the insured against accidents, natural and manmade disasters and third party liability. The insurance policies are further divided into comprehensive and non-comprehensive policies and add on covers and extra premium covers, all of which need to be studied to ensure the best protection for the vehicle.

is a mandatory requirement in the country as per Motor Vehicle Act. It is the primary responsibility of each and every vehicle owner to ensure that his two wheeler is sufficiently covered under motorcycle insurance. Purchase of vehicle insurance is not a long and lengthy procedure but made easy with a large number of dependable insurance providers and a long list of options to choose from.

The morning’s newspapers herald fresh road accidents each day. Bad roads, drunk driving, road rage, talking on mobile, negligence, apathy, need for speed, blatant flouting of road rules and regulations and pure disregard to human life are the cause of many vehicle accidents on the streets. These accidents leave many dead, injured and some maimed for life. This requires hospitalization, sometimes for long periods of time leading to exorbitant hospital bills and other charges. Vehicles are damaged and in the case of death, all is lost. It is here that a sound motorcycle insurance policy works as a balm to shield the injured to some extent at least monetarily. The damaged vehicle cost can be recovered and hospital charges do not add to the confusion and calamity.

Though many would cite vehicle insurance as an unnecessary expenditure, it is only at times of trouble that the importance of good vehicle insurance is felt, which sometimes leaves the un-inured gasping for breath.

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