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BYD ATTO 3 First Batch Delivered In India – Bookings Cross 2k

Overview of first batch of 340 BYD ATTO 3 e-SUVs delivery in India – Limited Edition ATTO 3 in Forest Green


Leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, BYD has delivered its first batch of 340 ATTO 3 electric SUVs in India, marking a significant milestone for the brand here. In all, BYD has confirmed 2k bookings for the flagship EV. ATTO 3 is a global success, with over 252,251 units sold in just 11 months.

In January 2023 alone, 23,231 units of the ATTO 3 were sold globally, demonstrating high demand for this new age premium eSUV. With an average monthly sales rate of 22,932 units, ATTO 3 has quickly become one of BYD’s fast-selling models. Key focus for the company is now on further expanding sales growth prospects globally.

And delivery of these vehicles in India is an important step in achieving this goal. A Limited Edition ATTO 3 in Forest Green debuted at Auto Expo 2023. This is now available for booking/delivery at a slightly pricier tag of Rs 34.49 lakhs (Ex-showroom Delhi). By 2023, the company aims to have 53 dealerships.

Fast charging BYD Atto 3 – Range 521 km

The feature-rich BYD ATTO 3 eSUV fast charging capacity facilitates 0-80 charge within 50 minutes. Certified drive range is listed as 480-521 kms. And acceleration from 0-100 km/h takes 7.3 seconds, which makes it speedy enough. ATTO 3 is equipped with a high-capacity 60.48 kWh battery. Its ultra-safe Blade Battery is integrated into the born EV platform (e-Platform 3.0). BYD’s 3rd gen EV platform (e-Platform 3.0) serves as the foundation for designing, developing, and producing EVs.

New BYD Atto3 - Launch Price Rs 33.99 lakh, ex-sh
New BYD Atto3 – Launch Price Rs 33.99 lakh, ex-sh

The modular platform allows the manufacturer to produce various electric vehicles. This with varying battery capacities, ranges, and performance while retaining common components and architecture. e-Platform 3.0 is highly scalable, flexible, and efficient, enabling BYD to adapt to the evolving electric vehicle market. An essential requirement since BYD has big targets, and in essence has taken on a bigwig. Tesla.

BYD differentiates itself through a wide ranging product portfolio

BYD has been focused on producing economical cars that are affordable for the masses. In contrast, Tesla is positioned to be pricier, if not premium in some markets. And it’s this focus on economical cars that has contributed to BYD’s success by tapping into a large market segment that prioritizes affordability over luxury. Largely, China. A populous nation that’s pro economic EVs.

Here, BYD competes in a space that is crowded, while still offering high-quality products. It has also differentiated itself from Tesla by offering a wider range of vehicles, including electric buses, trucks, and forklifts, in addition to passenger cars. And it makes batteries, and sells batteries too. Being heavily invested in EVs allows BYD to diversify and expand on multiple platforms reliant on advanced technology.

BYD’s focus on technological innovations and promotion of sustainable development

BYD has cemented its position as the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer. However, a comparison between BYD and Tesla is complex, and BYD still faces challenges as it looks to expand globally. Both companies operate in different markets and have different target customers. BYD’s EVs and plug-in hybrid cars are easy to sell in the domestic market due to a strong push from the Chinese government to increase the number of EVs on the road. This is supported by growing consumer interest in environmentally friendly sustainable transportation options. Tesla doesn’t sell Plug-in hybrids.

And while Tesla sells cars in China, BYD is yet to open its score in the US. But the manufacturer is cautiously optimistic, and making the most of any opportunity that comes its way. It helps that the manufacturer has a wide range of electric cars to choose from. Market expansion plans have been successful in Norway, India, Japan and Brazil among others. BYD is able to effortlessly find a vehicle that’s most suitable to a country expanding operations. And it has its eyes set on other markets in Europe. It’s entry into Sweden and Germany is through dealer partner, Hedlin Group acting as distributors.

BYD has focused on more economical cars – A strategic advantage when expanding

Additionally, BYD is scoping partnerships with local governments and public transportation companies to promote the use of its EVs. Despite success in the domestic market, BYD still faces challenges in expanding its reach globally. And is relatively unknown outside of China. But in the face of intense global competition, BYD has expansion on its mind.

Sanjay Gopalakrishnan, Senior Vice President of Electric Passenger Vehicle Business, BYD India, said, “We are delighted to announce deliveries of our first-born EV platform (e-Platform 3.0) premium electric SUV in India. We have been receiving incredible response for the BYD ATTO 3 e-SUV from customers. The excitement and enthusiasm to own and drive the sporty and feature rich BYD ATTO 3 is exuberant. The customer feedback and interest make us confident of capturing the Indian electric vehicle segment at a faster pace than we could have thought of.”

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