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Cabs install fiberglass partition between front and rear rows – Video

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Cabs In Kerala Get Fiberglass Partition To Control Covid-19 Spread

As things are starting to get normal in Orange and Green zones across the country, the need for social distancing and sanitization remains just as relevant as it was during the complete lockdown period. The government in Kerala is well aware of this, which is why special measures are being taken in the state to check the spread of Covid-19.

As taxis could be a source for contamination, it has been decided that all taxis in Kochi will be fitted with clear fiberglass partition. The fiberglass partition will be installed between the first and second row of the taxis.

The idea is to protect both the driver and passengers who will be using the taxi. The plan looks feasible, as it’s quite easy to install a fiberglass partition. Also, the cost of fiberglass and its installation is not very expensive.

In addition to the clear fiberglass partition, taxi drivers and passengers will be required to follow new guidelines to control the spread of coronavirus. Before boarding, the driver will provide hand sanitizer to the passenger to disinfect their hands. Once this is done, the door will be opened by the driver. It is compulsory for passengers to wear masks whereas drivers will have to wear both masks and gloves.

In any ride, there can only be a maximum of three people inside the taxi including the driver. If there are two passengers, both will have to sit at the rear. Passengers will not be allowed to sit next to the driver. Another key directive is that use of air conditioning should be avoided, as it can lead to contamination. Instead, all windows of the taxi will be kept open.

To reduce physical contact, taxi drivers have been asked to provide online payment options to passengers. After every ride, drivers will be required to properly sanitize the car. These measures will certainly help reduce the risk of Covid-19. Coronavirus is highly contagious and it can remain on objects for several days. It can also linger in the air for several hours. As of now, there’s no proper medicine or vaccine for coronavirus. That’s why social distancing and sanitization is extremely important.

It may be recalled that Kerala is among the states that have been successful in curbing the spread of coronavirus. As of now, there are only 500 confirmed cases and 4 fatalities. The high literacy rate and extensive awareness campaigns launched by the government seem to have helped check the spread of Covid-19 in the state. Kerala has successfully flattened the curve, with very few new cases reported in the last week.

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