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Cadillac electric starter celebrates its 100th anniversary

In today’s times vehicles are loaded with convenient electronic features. A press of a button or a turn of a key is all it takes to start up a vehicle. However, things in olden days were a little different. Back in those days cars needed to be manually cranked and a lot of muscle power was required. Car owners in the past were at risk of injuries while cranking up their motors, until the Cadillac electric starter was introduced on the 1912 Cadillac Touring Edition.

Founder of Cadillac, Henry M. Leland and Charles F. Kettering worked to develop the first electric starter. This innovation made life convenient for car owners. The electric starter even today is considered one of the greatest innovations in the automobile industry. 2012 marks 100 years of this of this important electronic innovation. Technology has progressed a great deal. Cadillac is now using innovation and technology to launch its most advanced infotainment system CUE in its new XTS sedan.


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Sagar Patel

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