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Cadillac sponsors ‘Make Your Mark’ film competition

The competition honors the work of Academy Award winning filmmaker Saul Zaentz. Open until 11:59 p.m. EDT on June 25, 2014, contestants can enter the Make Your Mark competition. Once accepted, entrants will bneed to create a 3-5 minute short film that draws upon storytelling and work of Saul Zaentz. Rules and creative specifications will be made known on June 27, 2014 at 5 p.m. EDT and contestants will need to complete their short film in 51 hours.

10 semi-finalists will be announced on or around July 29, 2014, and 3 finalists will be announced on or around August 25, 2014. The 3 finalists will collaborate with a Producers Guild mentor to produce a further refined 3-5 minute short film. The winning short and producer will be announced on January 24, 2015 at the 2015 Producers Guild Awards.

“The Producers Guild of America and Cadillac are both looking to enable and celebrate achievement,” said Uwe Ellinghaus, Global Cadillac chief marketing officer. “Through our collaboration with the PGA, we are designing a competition for the next generation of producers.”

For those who aren’t fimmakers, Cadillac is keeping things interesting. The General Motors brand is looking to get you out of your home and into the showroom. The offer is simple. Those who have a valid driving licence and are above the age of 21 (US citizen), the company is giving away $100 to take a test drive all through this month.

Qualified drivers who have a registered vehicle are eligible for the $100 payout given out as a Visa prepaid gift card (not redeemable for cash) to be eligible one need to have proof of insurance and a 2004 or newer non-GM vehicle. For those who choose to buy a new Cadillac and don’t own or lease a GM vehicle, Cadillac will offer an additional $1,500 incentive.

The incentive for a half hour test drive is intended to boost sales as March sales decline stood at 6.3% and and fleet sales nosedived 50%. IN a YOY comparison, Q1 2014 sales are down 7.3%. New ATS and XTS sedan slaes are comparitivly lower in March 2014.

Cadillac’s reinvented Escalade has caught the attention of Hennessey Performance (HPE). The result is a supercharger upgrade for its new 6.2-litre direct-injected V8 engine. “Our HPE550 Supercharged Escalade is the perfect balance of attitude, performance and luxury. It’s fast and versatile, and proudly American,” said Hennessey CEO and partner Don Goldman.

The HPE550 package delivers 557 bhp and 542 lb-ft of torque from the belt-driven supercharger producing 6 psi of boost pressure, to gain 32% and 18% over standard. An air-to-water intercooler system keeps charge temperatures low. Hennessey’s recalibrated engine management computer offers optimum air/fuel ratio throughout the rev range. The HPE550 upgrade ($15,950 installed) is available with a 3 year/36,000 mile powertrain warranty.

20 inch diametre lightweight Hennessey H10 forged monoblock wheels ($6950) are a perfect fit with Escalade’s factory tires. HPE550 upgrade is also available for the 2015 GMC Yukon Denali, 2014-2015 GMC Sierra trucks, and 2014-2015 Chevrolet Silverado truck (GM vehicles with the 6.2-liter DI V8). “The new 2015 Cadillac Escalade is the perfect platform for a Hennessey infusion of horsepower,” said founder and president John Hennessey. “It’s luxurious, spacious and cries out for personalization and more performance. I plan on making this our next family hauler for our five teenagers and four Labrador Retrievers.”

• 557 bhp @ 5,500 rpm
• 542 lb-ft Torque @ 4,200 rpm

HPE550 Supercharged Upgrade Includes:
• High Flow Supercharger System
• High Flow Intercooling System
• HPE Engine Management Calibration
• All Necessary Gaskets, Fluids & Hardware
• Professional Installation
• Dyno Tuning & Road Testing
• Serial-Numbered Dash Plaque
• Serial-Numbered Engine Plaque
• Hennessey Exterior Badging
• HPE550 Supercharged Badging
• Hennessey Embroidered Floormats
• 3 Year / 36,000 Mile Limited Warranty

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