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Cafu says 2014 Fifa World Cup goals to be at record high

Cafu Sao Paulo Castrol Footkhan

World Cup winner and Castrol ambassador since 2009, Cafu opines 2014 Fifa world Cup will record the highest-goal scoring ever.He laid stress on quality forwards for Argentina, Holland, Uruguay and Belgium. He even spoke about lacklustre matches in 2010 where defensive gameplay was the order of the day, thereby equating to lowest goals per game ratio since 1990.

Cafu Sao Paulo Castrol FootkhanCafu was speaking at his Sao Paulo home where Castrol’s Footkhana was screened exclusively. The film features cafu in a brief role alongwith Neymar Jr, who joins up with a team of world champion freestyle footballers to take the fight to rallyist Ken Block.

As official sponsor for 2014 FIFA World Cup, Castrol Index too returns, a system to evaluate and rate player performance. Used earlier at Fifa Confederations Cup 2009 and 2013, and 2010 FIFA World Cup, Castrol Index uses Fifa tracking tech for each player which is then analysed by Castrol Performance Analysts. The index takes into account passes, tackles, and moves on the field to see if it has a positive or negative impact on team ability to score or concede a goal. Castrol Performance Analysts crunch data to award each player a Castrol Index score. Scored out of 10, higher scores equate to stronger player’s.

Cafu World CupIn 2010, Spain’s Sergio Ramos topped the chart. Last year, Brazil’s Frederico Chaves Guedes (Fred) topped the Castrol Index . 2014 FIFA World Cup Castrol Index will be published at after each round of matches.

Cafu said, “As the world comes to Brazil, I believe that our beautiful, fast-paced, Samba style will inspire others to showcase their own attacking skills, giving us some thrilling and adventurous action to enjoy.”


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