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Do you have the right bike / car insurance?

The world stresses on innovation now more than ever before. While vehicles keep getting better and include an abundance of creature comforts, getting insurance for a vehicle may not always be that easy. Finding explicit information, and accurate details can itself be task. Not understanding what your vehicle insurance entails can land policy holders in quite a soup.

While no one walks out of a showroom before buying insurance for their vehicle, when it comes to actual claim, it can be confusing and time-consuming. Form filling by itself is a process that’s not well understood by most applicants. In India, those claiming insurance are required to provide plenty of information when purchasing a policy, or opting for a particular insurance service or claim. Accidents are never predictable. Whether it’s daily commute or a long drive for a short vacation, you never know when you find yourself in a situation where claiming vehicle insurance is a necessity.

Over the years, a number of applications have moved online. The convenience of getting online is its timeliness, but buying a policy online isn’t always as easy as it sounds unless you’re working with a company that’s streamlined its online application process. Basic expectation when filling policy details online are to fill less information, which accentuates convenience of getting a policy issued online.

Among general insurance companies, Reliance General Insurance has introduced a system wherein applicants can generate an instant quotation by entering a single data field. This is possible by simply entering vehicle registration number. This is an industry first.

When it comes to online form filling, when people are required to fill too many details, a large number of them drop out of the process and never complete it online. In a pathbreaking move, Reliance General Insurance looks to overcome the hitch, and offer customers an instant quotation for car and two wheeler insurance. The company is working on making the online insurance purchase hassle free.

There are about 55 million online shoppers in India, and this number will only go on increasing. Reliance General Insurance looks to cater to this ever increasing market, and over more than insurance. When customer enters vehicle registration number, the system is able to fetch basic information like make/model, state of registration, and more. This data is used to generate a quote rightaway, which makes the user friendly process quicker whether you use a computer or cellphone.

Anywhere road side assist services covers a myriad of repair parameters. Calling the company assures convenience and timely reair that helps get you back on the road at the earliest. A battery jumpstart can be called for if your vehicle refuses to start u someday. Minor repairs are carried out on the spot if diagnostics can be carried out rightaway. Tyre punctures too are resolved in quicktime. In case of a breakdown, towing assistance is provided. In case, you’re stranded because the fuel tank ran dry, emergency fuel assistance can be availed of. If you’re stranded and have to leave the car, a taxi is organized. Even hotel accommodation on long distance trips. For those who have a problem remembering where you may have left the car key, back up key delivery will work just fine.


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