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Car colors around the world: White most popular, yellow least

American chemical company, DuPont, the co-inventor of Chlorofluorocarbons or CFC’s, has released 2012 Automotive Color Popularity Report. The report shows that White and White Pearl ranks the highest where car color preferences are concerned. This is the second year in a row that these colors are largely popular while Black and Black Effect have been moved to second place in global ranks. The DuPont Report takes into account 11 key automotive markets especially the larger markets of Europe and Asia.

The DuPont Report is in its 60th year and has a long standing history of gauging customer’s preferences when it comes to the automotive industry. It is also the only report that includes global automotive color preferences in their rankings.

White and White Pearl were at the top of preference charts in Europe and was also most popular color in North America, Japan, South Korea, Russia, South Africa and Mexico representing a total of 23% in global markets as per the DuPont Report. Black and Black Effect received a total of 21% while Silver stood at 18%, Gray at 14%, Red at 8%, Blue at 6% along with Brown and Beige while Green, Yellow and Gold stood at 1% each and others at 2% in the overall ranking.


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Sagar Patel

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