Watch how cars are dismantled at Mayapuri, India’s car graveyard

No matter where you have bought your car from in India, it ends up in the same place after it has been scrapped. And that place is Mayapuri in South Delhi, where onr of the largest vehicle scrapyard is located. With Delhi govt going ahead with NGTs order of banning old vehicles, Mayapuri is set to get busier than ever before.

The vehicle dismantling industry in Mayapuri was created to take vehicles past their useful life and extract spares and mechanical parts which could then be put to practical use.

Car scrapyard Mayapuri (2)

Dismantling a car takes about 80 minutes for 7 to 8 workers. Dismantling workers are very skilled, and they do know what they are doing. Extricating various parts with utmost care so as to ensure that each part is good for use on other vehicles. They start from the outside, and head to the inside. The removal of all parts is followed in quick succession right from radiator pipe to air conditioning, windscreen, fuse box and seats.

Each part is quickly removed while eager buyers are ready to thrust money in the hands of the dealer. While some parts are sold off on the spot, some are sold at a later date. Those parts which do not get sold, are sent to recycling.

Car scrapyard Mayapuri (3)

The dealers here believe that they are actually doing a service to the society by ensuring that old vehicle parts are recycled and put to use rather than being dumped in landfills. For a small car like WagonR, the dealer makes a profit of INR 2,000 to INR 3,000 after paying workers. The entire process takes about 80 minutes.

Below are some videos which show workers and dealers at Mayapuri in action.

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