Car free day to be celebrated with a cycle rally

A Cycle Rally is being organized to mark Car Free day on September 22nd 2011.In a bid to draw attention to increasing pollution and reducing road traffic a group of people from Young Environmentalists Program Trust is arranging this cycle rally. Ms. Elsie Gabriel, Founder and President of YEPT said that this rally was targeted at creating awareness to increased pollution levels and bursting vehicular traffic on roads.  Car Free Day would make consumers aware of wasteful energy as well as increased pollution and what steps need to be taken to bring them under control.

A two hour cycle rally will see cyclists riding around Hiranandani Complex in Powai.  In its fifth consecutive year, this rally which initially saw only 90 participants will have over 200 participants and cyclists bringing the message through their rally. Elsie said that the rally was not only about driving around less but also to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are causing havoc to the planet.  Increased use of cycles would mean less traffic as well as pollution which would help the planet and save the environment for the coming generation.

The Indian car market for the past two years has experienced record sales in most quarters. In fact, traffic situation has never been too orderly in most cities across the country, and increased load from vehicular traffic doesn’t help the road situation. A sedentary lifestyle encourages the use of cars even for short trips. People are seen taking their car for a spin even if they’re just buying grocery for the day or wish to go out for a mini evening meal at the corner of the street. Such practices only aggravate the road situation, and fuel road rage, apart from steering you away from healthy practices.

While cycling may have once been the preferred mode of short distance commuting, even school children today are being packed off in school buses keeping in mind safety issues. Increased road traffic makes cycling on city roads a rather impossible feat. This apart, increased level of pollution isn’t conducive for cyclists. The Indian car market has certainly being pulling the right strings to gallop forward, but is all that horsepower channeled in the right directions. While some cities have cycle tracks, others are just moving along. The need to cycle is as important as owning a car but is fast turning into a loss cause. As such, cycling while prerogative to a small group is largely unacknowledged by many zooming past.