When a car from opposite lane flys into you – Footage caught on camera

1 was killed and 45 others were injured in a car /bus crash on an expressway in Central Japan.

Glass shattered, the car driver was killed and a total of 45 bus passengers were injured when suddenly and out of nowhere, an oncoming car flew into the air and onto a bus coming from the opposite side of the road. This accident occurred on the Tomei Expressway in Shinshiro, Aichi Prefecture while the accompanying video looks straight out of an action movie.

Footage taken from the bus dashcam recorder showed a Mazda hatchback, travelling on the opposite side of the road, suddenly spinning into the air and flying across the median. The Mazda hatchback with a 62 year old doctor, Masamitsu Ikuma at the wheels suddenly flew into the air, catapulted over the median and onto the windscreen of an oncoming tour bus.

Inside the bus

The bus driver was taken by complete surprise and his passengers, who were out for a day of cherry picking and shopping, were thrown off their seats causing several to suffer broken bones and other injuries.

Ikuma was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident itself. 45 of the 47 bus passengers suffered injuries of which 6 had broken bones while the others got away with minor injuries. The victims took the help from people at a nearby restaurant as they waited for medical aid. There was blood, shattered glass and mayhem all around while employees at the restaurant offered ice to the victims to treat their injured faces and arms.

After the crash.

The impact of the crash was so great that while the shattered car, bus and glass lay all across the road, it made it necessary to close the expressway for a good five hours after the crash. Watch the video below.