Car manufacturers in India including BMW and Mercedes to lure customers by opening lounges and cafes

The competition between car manufacturers in India will not be restricted to raods in the near future. In a bid to lure future customers, these manufacturers have shown an interest in opening cafes and lounges. As of now, BMW, Fiat, Ford and Mercedes have shown interest in this new initiative, but it will not take long for other manufacturers to start a similar venture.

To start with, Fiat India has tied up with Lavazza, the famous Italian coffee house which has now completely taken over Barista India. Barista India ranks amongst the top 50 phenomenon that changed India! Anyways, in order to promote their cars, Fiat India will be displaying their products at a Lavazza lounge, where customers can check out the features of the Fiat car on display along with enjoying a cup of coffee.

Mr Ravi Bhatia, VP, Fiat India, on the new initiative, said, “The idea is to bring out the Italian-ness of Fiat while introducing the style and technology to consumers. The attempt to increase sales is definitely one of the reasons for opening cafes in India. It (cafe) will be the face of Fiat in India.”

Mercedes Benz too has joined a similar brigade when it opened their luxury lounge at the famous T3 Terminal in Delhi Airport. On display, at the Mercedes Benz Star Lounge, you will be able to check out the new SLS AMG luxury GT! Mr Debasis Mitra, Sales and Marketing, Mercedes Benz India said, “When it comes to luxury retailing, you are not just selling cars but a lifestyle. We realized we could not just expect customers to visit us, we had to reach them where they are too.”