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Car Market Share Nov 2022 – Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra, Kia

Maruti Suzuki leads the car market share list for November 2022 with a staggering 41.30% share, down from 44.81% in November 2021

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In the earlier report, we took a look at the Car Sales Nov 2022. In this post, we will look at the market share of car makers in nov 2022. Maruti Suzuki used to dominate the Indian car market with more than 50% of market share. Even though it is not 50% anymore, thanks to diversification of the Indian auto industry and new entrants, Maruti is at 41.30% in November 2022. To put it into contrast, the second-highest car manufacturer in India has less than half of Maruti’s market share.

With 44.81% market share registered in the same time period last year, Maruti’s share went down by 3.51% YoY. And when compared to 41.73% share a month before, Maruti’s total market share went down by 0.43% MoM. Alto, Baleno, WagonR, Celerio, Brezza are some of the highest contributors for Maruti.

Car Market Share November 2022

Hyundai commanded 14.97% of total cars manufactured in India last month. Compared to 15.11% last year and 14.27% a month before, Hyundai’s market share dipped by 0.14% YoY and went up by 0.7% MoM. Hyundai Creta, i20, Grand i10 Nios, and Aura are some of the highest contributors for Hyundai.

Tata Motors is registering steady growth. With 14.36% of total cars manufactured in India, Tata Motors is the first in this list to register market growth in both YoY and MoM analysis. With 12.16% and 13.45% market share in November 2021 and October 2022 respectively, Tata’s pull on the Indian automotive sector grew by 2.20% YoY and 0.92% MoM.

Car Market Share November 2022
YoY Analysis

Both figures are the highest growth in this list. Tata’s Nexon and Punch are going strength to strength and gaining more market consistently. With a figure of 9.48% last month, Mahindra’s market share grew by 1.53% YoY and dropped 0.12% MoM last month. In contrast, Mahindra’s share used to be 7.95% last year and 9.60% just a month before.

Kia’s car market share November 2022 was 7.49% and grew by 1.69% YoY and 0.56% MoM. Kia fell into the greens in both YoY and MoM market analysis. The same couldn’t be said about Toyota, Honda and Renault which took 6th, 7th and 8th spots on this list respectively. Toyota, Honda and Renault’s market share stood at 3.67%, 2.20% and 1.97% respectively.

All three of these carmakers registered a decline in market share in both YoY and MoM analysis. Skoda is another carmaker whose market share grew by 0.49% YoY and 0.38% MoM. Last month, Skoda’s market share stood at 1.38%, which used to be 0.90% last year and 1.01% a month before it.

Car Market Share November 2022
MoM analysis

Citroen Market Share Grew YoY

With a 1.27% market share registered in November 2022, MG (Retail) market share grew by 0.26% YoY and fell by 0.03% in MoM analysis. Nissan, VW and Jeep posed a market share of 0.75%, 0.6% and 0.28% respectively and secured 11th, 12th and 13th spot on this list respectively. All three carmaker’s market shares declined in both YoY and MoM analysis.

Lastly, we have Citroen whose market share stood at 0.26% last year, up from 0.02% last year, a healthy 0.24% growth YoY. This is due to the addition of mainstream cars like C3 into its portfolio. However, Citroen’s market share fell by 0.10% MoM.

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