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Car owners trust independent repair shops over authorized auto dealers

A recent AutoMD.com online survey was conducted on customer’s preferences in terms of repairs and maintenance of their vehicles. This study revealed that customers, though generally satisfied with dealership servicing, prefer independent repair shops over the former. Better prices and personal relationships with local mechanic, who customers feel, could be trusted more with their vehicle servicing and maintenance were the main reasons for this partiality.

80% of those surveyed cited overcharging by dealer service personnel while over 90% stated that they would be able to save a minimum of 10% while visiting an independent repair shop. Most of those surveyed stated that they only opted for a dealer service center over an independent repair shop when their vehicle was under warranty or at times of recall.

A total of 3000 owners were questioned in an online survey conducted over a one month period from November 2nd to December 12, 2012. Though savings was not the only criteria, 33% owners felt they could trust their local dealers while 67% stated they would prefer a private repair service instead.

Brian Hafer, VP of Marketing for AutoMD.com had this to say, “It is no secret that consumers are holding onto their vehicles for record lengths of time, meaning more and more visits to the repair shop or dealer service center.” “We conducted this snapshot survey to provide a window into how today’s car owners feel about their repair shop/dealership service center options, and found that price and relationships are making consumers push the independent trigger – unless their vehicle is under a dealership warranty. But, with so many aging cars now falling outside the warranty, this survey indicates that consumers are going to compare repair quotes – and then go where they believe the price is right.”


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