Car production hit by 10-15% due to heavy rains in Gurugram

As heavy rains, traffic jams and waterlogged streets continue across Gurgaon (Gurugram), automobile production has taken a hit. Two leading automakers, Maruti Suzuki India Limited and Honda Motorcycle & Scooter have reported significant loss of production as supplies have been badly affected while worker turnout is also low.

Last week, the Gurugram-Manesar area in south Delhi received heavy rains throwing the entire region in disarray. Vehicles were seen jamming the roads while flood waters were steadily rising causing much mayhem and panic.

Gurgoan rains (2)

While all this affected normal day to day life in the area, industry and commerce has also been badly affected. Automobile production has dipped following delay in supplies while low attendance has been reported among factory workers.

With Haryana being one of the country’s leading auto hubs, Maruti Suzuki India Limited and Honda Motorcycle & Scooter (HMSI) along with a host of component suppliers have seen production hampered. Traffic along the Sohna Road and NH8 made it impossible for people to reach work on time while Uno Minda Group in Manesar, a leading supplier of spares to Maruti Suzuki reported only 50% attendance.

Timely supplies have been affected and production at Maruti Suzuki and HMSI plants has been affected by 10% to 15%. Rico Auto, also a part supplier found their board meeting scheduled for Friday delayed by four hours following member of the board stuck in traffic jams while the company also reported production loss.

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