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Car records plane crashing onto highway in Russia


Car records plane crash in Russia (1)A car driving through one of the highways of Moscow has managed to capture a plane crash. The car driver was driving along on Saturday morning he was shocked to notice a Tupolev Tu-204 airplane belonging to Russian carrier Red Wings speed off the Moscow Domodedovo International Airport runway.  The airplane overshot the runway, crashed into a fence and landed on adjacent highway much to the shock and amazement of the car driver, whose car dash camera was turned on, recording the entire series of events.

The aircraft with 8 crew members on board fortunately had no passengers. Four of the crew was killed instantly while the other 4 crew members are critically injured. Recordings on car dash camera will be vital in detecting cause of crash and whether it was a misjudgment on part of pilot or a technical snag that led to the unfortunate incident.

A video showing the moment of the crash has appeared on YouTube, filmed by the dashboard camera from a passing vehicle. It has videoed the exact moment of the crash landing on Keivskoye Highway. A pilot error, bad weather and a malfunction are cited as possible causes of the crash that killed four crew members.

Car records plane crash in Russia (2)

Plane crash-lands into Moscow highway near Vnukovo Air…

Car Dash records plane crash in Russia


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