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Car Retail Sales Dec 2020 – Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, Kia, Mahindra In Top 5

Tata Nexon
FADA reports YoY passenger vehicle registration growth for December 2020

In wholesales, Kia was left behind, while in retail sales Kia has maintained its No 4 spot


FADA has reported retail sales for December 2020. The body works with dealers in the association, and government bodies to put together sales data. However, considering it doesn’t include data from all dealerships, the final numbers presented, though indicative, are not complete.

December 2020 sales benefited from pre-buying activity. An obvious outcome owing to price increase effective from January 2021. PV retails grew 24.81 percent at 2,67,968 units, up from 2,14,696. Volume gain stood at 53,272 units. Mom total decline stood at 18.36 percent, down from 2,87,889 units.

On the retail front, about half of the manufacturers doing business in India are in the green. Maruti led at 1,30,772 units in retail sales, up from 1,00,893 units. At 29.61 percent YoY growth, it accounted for 48.80 percent of total retails. MoM decline stood at 8.9 percent, down from 1,43,554 units. Market share dropped by about 1 percent.

Growth pool For December 2020

As always, Hyundai was next on the podium at 46,382 units. At 7,076 units volume gain, sales was up fro 39,306 units. Market share is reported at 17.31 percent. Tata’s performance saw it climb, up at third from 4th spot YoY. Growth is reported at 78.29 percent at volume gain of 8,637 units. Retails grew to 19,669 units from 11,032 units for 7.34 percent market share.

Car Retail Sales Dec 2020
Car Retail Sales Dec 2020 vs Dec 2019 (YoY) via FADA

Kia Motors kept close at 17,913 units. Also gained a spot. Retail numbers were reported at 17,913 units, up from 10,339 units. Consequently, YoY growth stood at 73.26 percent for 6.68 percent market share.

Mahindra’s retail numbers see it in the green at 10.37 percent YoY growth. sales was reported at 15,773 units, up from 14,291 units at volume gain of 1,482 units at 5.89 percent market share. Despite this, it dropped two spots on the table, down at fifth.

Honda gained 14.57 percent YoY. Retails units are up at 9,411 from 8,214 at volume gain of 1,197. MS stood at 3.51 percent, just above 3.36 of Renault. The later retailed 9,002 units, up 7.9 percent. Volume gain stood at 659 units, up from 8,343 units.

Car Retail Sales Dec 2020
Car Retail Sales Dec 2020 vs Nov 2020 (MoM) via FADA

MG Motor gains in small volume pool

Toyota reported 7.66 percent YoY decline. market share was at 2.83 percent. Numbers fell by 628 units, down to 7,572 from 8.2k. Ford retails were below 5k units at 1.8 percent market share. YoY decline was reported at 9.16 percent, down to 4,821 units from 5,307 units.

MG reported growth at 26.37 percent. Market share is at just over 1 percent. Retails grew to 3,057 units from 2,419 units. In a MoM comparison, MG was the only manufacturer to be in the green at less than half a percent. Skoda VW accounted for less than a percent of total domestic retails. Numbers fell to 2,140 units from 3,666 units at volume loss of 1.5k units. yoY decline stood at 41.63 percent.

Nissan’s numbers as per FADA are at 722 units at more than 50 percent YoY decline. Jeep numbers are down to 587, and Force Motors at 147. The above numbers do not have figures from AP, MP, LD and TS. This on account of the fact that they aren’t on Vahan 4. Data is reported basis 1,270 of 1,477 RTOs.

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