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Cars in India to have Airbags, seat belt reminder and speed alert system mandatory from 2018

With lakhs of people losing their lives and limbs on Indian roads each year, the Government of India has set apart certain mandatory safety features required for every car manufactured after 1st July 2019.

A road survey conducted on road accidents in 2016 revealed that out of a total of 1.51 lakh fatalities, speeding was the reason for 74,500 such accidents. This has made the Ministry list out certain safety features among which are airbags, seat belt reminders, speed alert systems for speeds above 80 kmph, reverse parking sensors and manual override over central locking system. These safety systems are aimed at enhancing safety of both car driver and occupants.

As per a transport ministry official – “The new cars will be fitted with a system that issues audio alerts when the speed crosses 80kmph. The alert will be sharper when the vehicle crosses 100kmph, and non-stop when it’s over 120 kmph.”

While most luxury cars, on sale in India, come fitted with these safety features, they are offered on lower priced cars as optional extras which buyers in that category tend to ignore. A survey conducted by Ford India found that 70% of 22,000 persons surveyed did not take safety features available in the car into account while purchasing a new car.

All new cars from 1st July 2019 will have speed limiters. An audio alert will be sounded when speeds cross 80 kmph and it will get even sharper when the vehicle crosses 100kmph and will be continuous at speeds over 120 kmph. Mandatory parking reverse alert is also being introduced giving off an indication to the driver when objects are within range. Manual override system allow for easy exit from the vehicle when there is an electric power failure which renders central locking system non functional thereby trapping passengers.

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