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Car sales and market share Q3 2019 – Maruti, Hyundai, Mahindra lead

Maruti CL6 sales

Effects of slowdown in auto industry are clearly evident in Q3 2019, as overall car sales have fallen 27.90%. Sales in Q3 2018 stood at 8,57,349 units, which has dropped to 6,18,148 units in Q3 2019. That’s 2,39,201 cars less on the roads, which is quite a significant number. Market share of car companies has also undergone a churn in Q3 2019.

For example, India’s largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki has lost -3.89% market share in Q3 2019, from 52.44% to 48.55%. Its sales are down -33.25%, from 4,49,563 units in Q3 2018 to 3,00,105 units in Q3 2019.

Maruti’s loss happens to be Hyundai’s gain, as the Korean carmaker has increased its market share by 3.09% in Q3 2019. Hyundai’s market share has risen from 15.99% to 19.08%. However, it too has been affected by slowdown, as sales are down 13.96%, from 1,37,063 units to 1,17,925 units.

Car sales and market share Q3 2019
MS = Market Share

At third place is Mahindra that has gained 0.53% market share, up from 6.45% to 6.98%. However, sales are down -21.98%, from 55,289 units to 43,138 units. Next is Toyota, which has also gained 0.36% market share in Q3 2019, up from 4.70% to 5.07%. Sales are down -22.31%, from 40,325 units to 31,327 units.

Honda comes in at fifth place with 4.50% market share in Q3 2019. Honda has lost -1.54% market share and sales are down a whopping -46.31%. Sales stood at 51,856 units in Q3 2018, which dropped to 27,842 units in Q3 2019.

At number 6, Tata Motors has lost more than half of its sales in Q3 2019. Sales are down from 53,928 units to 25,898 units. Q3 2019 market share is 4.19%, a loss of -2.10%. At number 7, Renault’s market share stands at 2.86%, an improvement of 0.62%. Renault’s single-digit sales decline (-7.80%) is the lowest in the industry in Q3 2019.

At number 8, Ford continues to maintain its 2.81% market share. However, sales are down -27.97%, from 24,097 units to 17,357 units. Carmakers with marginal gains in market share include Volkswagen (0.14%) and Skoda (0.10%). Carmakers with marginal loss in market share include Datsun (-0.36%), Jeep (-0.15%), Nissan (-0.03%) and Fiat (-0.03%).

New launches, Kia Seltos and MG Hector have performed really well. They have emerged bestsellers in their respective segment, which has allowed the respective company to grab 2.26% and 0.99% market share, respectively in Q3 2019.

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