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Car Sales March 2020 – Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra, Ford, Renault, Toyota

Car sales in March and April 2020 could be some of the worst in recent Indian automotive history

India’s automotive industry is currently going through a tough phase with the lockdown measures undertaken to confine the spread of COVID-19 aka corona virus, in a bid to ‘flatten the curve’. This came at the same time when manufacturers were desperately trying to sell unsold BS4 stock before 1 April 2020. Recently, the deadline was extended by the Supreme Court but on a conditional basis.

The effect of COVID-19 on automakers operating in India is clearly evident on the car sales (domestic) report of March 2020. Major OEMs have faced losses in the range of at least 40% to more than 90% compared to the figures a year before. Total sales hit 1,37,390 units compared to 2,88,821 units in March 2019. In other words, automotive sales have dropped by more than half.

Maruti Suzuki, without any surprise, came at the top position by selling 76,240 units in March 2020 compared to 1,45,031 units back in March 2019. This is a fall of 47%. Hyundai India faced the least decline (41%) by hitting 26,300 units last month compared to 44,350 units last year. As a first, Kia Motors India has reached the third position with 8,583 units in March 2020.

Car Sales March 2020


Toyota faced a loss of 45% from 12,818 units in March 2019 to 7,023 units last month. Tata Motors hit only 5,676 units in March 2020 and went down on sales by 68%. Honda Car India had to go through a massive sales decline of 79% and end up at 3,697 units in March 2020 compared to 17,202 units in March 2019. Ford India follows at 3,510 units (down from 8,271 units or by 58%).

Mahindra ended up way down the list at just 3,383 units in sales last month. This is a drop of 88% from 27,637 units in the same month, last year. Renault India sold 3,269 units in March 2020 compared to 7,127 units in March 2019; facing a decline of 54%. With no data to compare with, newcomer MG Motor India hit 1,518 units in March 2020. The SAIC-owned brand is also the last one on the list to achiever four-digit or higher sales figures.

Nissan India, with its narrow product portfolio, managed to hit only 826 units in March 2020 compared to a much better 2,902 (down by 72%). Skoda Auto follows the Jap with 451 units last month as against 1,401 units back in March 2019, thus facing a drop of 68%.

FCA Group with its Jeep brand could attain only 163 units in sales last month and had to go through a massive slump of 89% from 1,521 units in the same month, a year before. At the very bottom rests Volkswagen India by selling just 131 units in March 2020. The German brand also hit the greatest decline at 95% — from 2,751 units back in March 2019.

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