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Car sales, market share 2019 vs 2018 – Maruti, Hyundai, Mahindra top 3

Maruti Baleno BS6 sales

The Indian automotive market faced a major slump by the end of 2019; the lowest in a span of 20 years. Major brands operating in the country in various segments of the market struggled to gather reasonable sales to pass the profit/loss margin. In the passenger-car segment, only very few names managed to register positive or near-positive sales figures, in comparison to the year 2018. Here is a detailed ‘cumulative’ sales comparison of major car brands, between 2019 and 2018:

Starting off with the market leader, Maruti Suzuki sold 14,85,943 units in 2019; a substantial fall of 14.2% compared to the brand’s performance in 2018. As a result, Maruti Suzuki faced a marginal drop in market share, but still managed to command more than 50%. The second best-performing and most favourite foreign-origin automaker in the country, Hyundai registered a loss of 7% last year, with sales falling from 5,50,002 units in 2018 to 5,10,260 units in 2019.

Mahindra passenger vehicles attained the third position on the chart by moving 2,19,663 units in 2019 and facing a not-so-serious 5% dip in sales. Tata Motors, on the other hand, underwent a sales decline of 28%; from 2,13,625 units in 2018 to 1,52,944 units last year. Honda Car India followed a similar path by facing a drop of 23%; from 1,74,880 units to 1,34,741 units. At a sales drop of 16% (from 1,51,480 to 1,26,701 units), Toyota India was pushed back to the 6th position on the chart.

Car sales 2019 vs 2018.
Nissan sales includes Datsun sales. MS = Market share.

Renault India, even though at 7th position, is the only brand to register a positive performance in 2019, compared to 2018. At a growth rate of 8%, the French automaker’s sales figures rose from 82,368 units to 88,869 units.

On the contrary, Ford India went through one of its worst times with sales falling from 97,804 units to 73,636 units; a drop of 25%. Following the American-origin brand on the chart is the newcomer, Kia Motors India. The South Korean brand, after selling 45,494 units acquired a market share of 1.5%.

Volkswagen India, after selling 32,324 units in 2019 and facing a sales dip of 13%, managed to maintain its previous market share of 1.1%. Nissan India faced the worst fall in 2019, at 43.3%, after moving 23,580 units in comparison to 41,583 units in 2018.

Coming in at 12th position is the second newcomer, MG Motor India. The SAIC-owned British-origin brand grabbed a market share of 0.5% after selling 15,930 units in 2019. Skoda Auto follows close with 15,284 units in sales; a drop of 8% from that of 2018. Finally at the bottom of the list rests FCA, with the made-in-India Jeep Compass as its primary product. The group sold just 11,238 units in 2019 and faced a massive sales decline of 40.9%.

Taking a look at the market share, it is Tata Motors which has lost the highest market share in 2019, followed by Maruti Suzuki. Gainers in market share are Kia, Hyundai, Mahindra, Renault, MG and Skoda.

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