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Car Sales Nov 2022 – Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, Honda, Skoda, VW

At the top of Car sales November 2022 chart, Maruti is losing sales MoM, while Hyundai’s stood stagnant and Tata’s grew

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There hasn’t been much action going on in car sales recently. That is reflected in car sales November 2022 charts as well. Even though the automotive sector showed 30.92% YoY growth by gaining 75,714 units in volume to sell 3,20,564 units collectively, it wasn’t enough to surpass 3,36,298 units sold in October 2022.

Drop in sales MoM accounted for 4.68% and loss in volume stood at 15,734 units MoM. This segment’s major contributor Maruti Suzuki sold 1,32,395 cars last month. YoY growth was 20.66% with volume growth of 22,669 cars. With 1,40,337 cars sold a month before, Maruti lost 5.66% in sales and still commanded 41.30% of total car sales.

Car Sales November 2022

Hyundai secured 2nd spot with 48,003 cars sold last month. With 37,001 sold last year, Hyundai registered 29.73% YoY growth and holds a 14.97% market share of total car sales. With just 2 cars gained in volume MoM, Hyundai barely fell into the green by the skin of its teeth. The South Korean brand gained 11,002 cars YoY, though.

Continuing its tussle to overthrow Hyundai from 2nd place, Tata Motors sold 46,037 units, up from 29,778 units sold last year and registered 54.6% YoY growth and gained 15,259 units in volume YoY. By registering 1.81% growth and 820 units in volume, Tata is the first on this list to register considerable MoM growth. Tata holds 14.36% of total car sales.

Car Sales November 2022 - YoY
Car Sales November 2022 – YoY

Mahindra sold 30,392 vehicles last month. With 19,458 vehicles sold a year ago and 32298 vehicles sold a month before, Mahindra registered 56.19% YoY growth and a 5.90% MoM decline. Next in line is Kia with 24,025 units sold in November 2022. Kia registered 69% YoY growth and 3.01% MoM growth.

Volume gain stood at 9,811 units YoY and 702 units MoM. Toyota slipped into the cracks completely by registering a 9.52% YoY decline and a 10.48% MoM decline. With 11,765 units sold last month, Toyota has 3.67% market share. Honda and Renault take 7th and 8th spots by selling 7,051 and 6,330 units respectively and follow a similar pattern in sales analysis.

Honda, Renault, MG Sales Nov 2022

YoY growth for Honda and Renault stood at 29.21% and 25.30% respectively, while MoM decline registered was 26.11% and 18.62% respectively. Skoda’s backdrop showed greens across YoY and MoM analysis. With 4,433 units sold, Skoda doubled its sales YoY by 101.87% and gained 30.81% MoM. Volume gain stood at 2,237 units YoY and 1,044 units MoM.

Car Sales November 2022 - MoM
Car Sales November 2022 – MoM

MG’s retail sales stood at 4,079 units and registered a 64.41% YoY gain and lost 6.59% MoM. Nissan, Volkswagen and Jeep sales didn’t register any positive growth in car sales November 2022 chart. Nissan, VW and Jeep sold 2,400 units, 1,935 units and 894 units respectively.

Lastly, we have Citroen which registered 1486% YoY growth as opposed to 52 units of C5 Aircross sold in November 2021. With 825 units sold last month and 1,195 units sold in October 2022, Citroen registered 4.68% MoM decline.

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