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Car shows, makeoevers, and the lack of hot rods: Where are the exciting cars in India

In the United States, muscle car shows also include drag racing events at some the most famous racing speedways like Daytona and California. People flock here to see the Camaros, the Mustangs and the Impalas to remind themselves of a time when power made all the difference. These shows are definitive guides to what is best for the machine and what satisfies the owner. Of course, the Indian auto market doesn’t boast of such variety in recent times.

For most people around us, their four wheelers are modes of commuting and serve no purpose other than taking them from one place to the other. It’s as simple as looking for cars in Delhi, and finding one that fits your driving needs and budget. For others, their wheels are a way of life and a reflection of their personality and the need for the car to be as unique as themselves is topmost on the list of important pursuits. It is obvious that the people belonging to the second category, along with those who have a passion, form the class of people that opt for apt modifications and makeovers.

A makeover refers not only to changing the look of the automobile but also modifying it to improve fuel efficiency and power. These two steps can be mutually exclusive or they can go hand in hand. A makeover can be as simple or as complicated as the owner wishes it to be. Some people add a single graphic to their rear window and consider it made over whereas others need to turn the machine inside out before they are satisfied.

For them the makeover of a vehicle is a process that requires patience and creativity. It starts off with repainting and refurbishing, leads up to changing the upholstery and interiors and ends in replacing the original engine with a far more powerful one.

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