A car that runs on railway tracks: Meet Smart ForRail (Photos and Video)

This one off Smart ForFour is described as a fully certified world’s smallest mini train which has been developed over a period of 6 months, involving a host of engineering and CAD modelling. To fit the ForFour for the tracks, the engineers took off the standard alloys and fitted massive 22 inch solid steel wheels in its place, each weighing a total of 80 kgs.

smart forrail car on tracks
A car that runs on railway tracks – The smart forrail, based on forfour in action.

Smart ForRail weighs a total of one tom and is fitted with a small 1.0 liter engine. Steering support was also modified, while to ensure wheels remained locked in position, the engineers welded aluminium supports between the axles. Put to the test across a 10 mile stretch on the privately managed Bluebell Railway through Sussex, UK, Smart Forrail was experienced by some commuters who got a chance to travel on board the world’s smallest train.

The route proved challenging for the small and modified Smart ForFour but it managed to complete six runs at low speed with a licensed train driver in the car while it was supervised by trained staff from the railways at all times.

smart forrail car on tracks
Closer look at smart forrail’s new wheels.

Though the experiment was a success, this was just a publicity stunt with the car returning to its original road going form after its successful performance on track. The company does not encourage anyone to try this experiment or carry out similar modifications to their vehicle however exciting it may sound as it is no easy task.

Smart ForRail – Short Video


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