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Indian artist specializes in making cardboard car and bike scale models

Rahul Panwar, 26, from Karnal Haryana, has been a car and bike enthusiast ever since he was a child. But, little did he know then that owning his dream car or bike was not an easy thing to do.

Rahul is an engineer who specializes in making bike exhausts. This he does for making ends meet, while his real passion is owning some of the exotic machines and fulfil his childhood dream. It is this dream that has fuelled the artist in him. Yes, this engineer cum mechanic, is also an artist, who creates cardboard scale models of cars and bikes he is passionate about.

Rahul Panwar, is an artist at heart. He makes cardboard cutout of models as a hobby. Rahul revealed greater details of this unique form of cardboard art which he has been perfecting over the past 10 years but has only recently taken it seriously from 2015. He is one probably the only cardboard artist who makes car and bike scale models in the country. There are many who make paper made scale models.

What is special about cardboard made scale model? Rahul tells, unlike paper models which are designed via computer software, cardboard models are more difficult and need certain expertise. It requires an accurate and creative mind to cut the cardboard into various shapes. Rahul uses raw cardboard boxes for this art. It takes him a month to make each model which is painstakingly designed, moulded and painted for the finished product.

To date, Rahul’s handmade creations of both two and four wheelers, includes a Lamborghini Aventador, a Cessna 715, Ducati Monster 1200, Harley Davidson Street 750, a Kawasaki Ninja ZX14R and a Royal Enfield Classic. He is currently working on a new model of a Continental GT and hopes to hold an exhibition to display his models sometime soon for which he is looking for sponsors.

An artist since early childhood, Rahul imagines the shape of the vehicle, draws it out on cardboard, cuts and pastes and gets the required shape part by part after which he assembles each of these parts to get the finished products which he then colors with wraps or paint. The models are of different scales varying from 1:10 and 1:8.

Rahul is eager to make this new art form of cardboard cutouts of vehicles known to the public. You can connect with him via his Facebook page, Instagram or Youtube. He can also create customized models for you.

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