Cargo ship with 1,400 cars deliberately grounded after it started listing [Video]

Rescue operations of the Hoegh Osaka are underway as the car transporter ship ran aground in the Solent, off the Isle of Wight. The ship was heading to Germany when it ran onto the Bramble Bank just at the entrance to Southampton Waters on Saturday at around 21:30 GMT. 25 crew members were rescued while two of them have been taken to hospital for minor injuries.

cargo ship with 1400 cars grounded

Following listing of the ship at a 50 degree angle, just after leaving Southampton port with cargo on board, the captain, master and pilot on board took a quick decision to put the vessel on a sand bank so as to avoid any further damage. It has been confirmed that listing of the ship did not occur due to too many cars on board as the 51,000 tonne vessel was just one third full with cargo of only 1,400 cars.

While assessment and salvage operations are underway, it will take a few days while it is confirmed that there is no oil being discharged from the ship. Hoegh Autoliners are currently assessing damage and evaluating stability issues of the ship while also checking that the hull is intact.

UPDATE – It has emerged that the cars inside the ship are of luxury brands like Jaguar, Land Rover, and Rolls Royce.