Mercedes Benz ad ft. Carl Benz is the best thing we watched today

Time and again, Mercedes-Benz’s digital marketing team comes up with some pretty interesting and impactful campaigns to spread the brand’s rich heritage. Their recent Youtube video is arguably the best they have come up with till date. This one features Carl Benz, the widely acclaimed inventor of motor car and the founder of a company which is now called as Daimler AG.

The humorous 5-minute video attempts to imagine what advice the great inventor would have given his current gen Mercedes-Benz employees had he been alive today. The actor who plays Carl Benz starts off by saying that his death was greatly exaggerated and he is back now.

Carl is proud of what Mercedes-Benz has achieved during his prolonged period of absence but he says he has a problem identifying one model from the other! We are pretty sure that a lot of people (including us) think the same way, especially after the new E Class came to light.

He goes on to say that the future of automobile industry is not in the hands of ‘an internet company in California’ or politicians but it lies with the employees of Mercedes-Benz. Then he takes a selfie at what looks like Mercedes’ Geneva Motor Show stall, pays a visit to BMW stall and wishes one of the staffs for the rival’s 100th anniversary (says the first 30 years of Carl’s career were boring without competition) and gets fascinated by the level of digitization on the new Mercedes E Class.

New Mercedes E220 d at 2016 Bangkok Motor Show
Carl Benz is fascinated by the level of digitization on the new E Class.

Finally, he greets Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman, Daimler AG, and confronts him for the lack of the name ‘Benz’ on the company’s standard business cards! Suffice it to say, this is one epic video!

New Mercedes E Class – Photos

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