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You don’t need to carry a driving license in Hyderabad, here’s why

RTA m-Wallet

Hyderabad police have introduced a new app allowing vehicle owners to save digital copies of all vehicle documents.

Two and four wheeler owners in Hyderabad will no longer need to carry original copies of their driving license, registration certificate and the likes as these can all be saved on RTA m-Wallet app and produced on demand. Introduced by State Road Transport Authority, citizens can now download digital copies of all vehicle-related documents while both Police and RTA authorities will accept these digital documents.

To be downloaded free of cost from Google Play Store, the app allows for auto fetch documents, sharing of documents and allows owners to have all vehicle-related documents on a single screen.

RTA m-Wallet (2)

Developed by a start-up called Radikal Tribe, single owners of multiple vehicles can add documents for each of their vehicles in this manner. Via this new app, there is no need for vehicle owners to carry original documents at all times.

Another benefit of this app is that with online digital certification, there is less change of fraud. However, the downside is that there is no support for pollution certificates at least as of now while the app is only applicable in Telangana. Travel to other states will require drivers to carry all physical documents.

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The introduction of this app will bring to an end the continual police harassment as drivers are penalized or bribe is demanded for failing to carry necessary documentation. This initiative is the first of its kind in India which will benefit upto 60 lakh driving licence holders and 80 lakh vehicle owners.

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